Change only can takes place through action – Dalai Lama 

Sibbel Solution is a creative program design studio for training and projects. On this site you will find an overview of my most current innovation-programs. All programs are eye-openers and based at the most elegant and intelligent strategy for solving challenges at the root side cause.
This magical quantum approach starts outside the well-known box, transcends all known models and existing methodologies and connects business, science, psychology and philosophy. Life Changing and Mind Blowing!

are you ready for a life changing adventure?

Pauline Sibbel: Michel Grollé photography & video


It always seems impossible, until it’s done – Nelson Mandela,

Pauline is a program designer, mindset trainer, educator and expert in the field of visionary leadership, consciousness expansion and Business Elegance. She is owner of Sibbel Solution, founder of the Global Peace Building Program and Chairwoman of the Board of the Global Serendipity Foundation.

She is teaching people worldwide in the pillars, basic principles and crucial insights of applied metaphysics. The results of this approach are life changing. People regain control, autonomy and self-reliance and rediscover their Inner Genius. Essential for the actual realization of safe and vital organizational cultures, inspiring and self-sufficient communities and world peace.




it seems impossible until it's done - nelson Mandela


Young Heroes in action (new)

Realize your dreams and turn wishes into reality.

Ladies Leadership (new)

Find the key to self-love, self-confidence and self-empowerment.

Global Peace Building (new)

If we can dream it, we can do it - Walt Disney.

Personal Excellence (proven)

Discover the magic and power of TOPLEVEL awareness.

Excellent Governance (proven)

About leading at the level of respect, honesty, equality and love.

Mindset Master train the trainer Education (proven)

MD train the trainer program for leaders with the Courage to Act.

Grensoverschrijdend Gedrag




As long as we are together, we are light as a feather 

Our global partner network is expanding. We connect with frontrunners with the Next Generation Mindset and the Courage to act. Game changers with the passion for innovation at all levels: social, economic, technical, global, emotional and spiritual.


Let’s turn wishes into reality!

May 2024

  • Kick Start Global Peace Building Program in the Netherlands

June 2024

  • Kick Start Global Peace Building Program in Italy & Ethiopia 

July 2024

  • Kick Start Train the Trainer Program Mindset Master in Zimbabwe and Tanzania 
  • Live day (1) integrating year program

September  2024

  • 5 Day Global Peace Building Bootcamp in Italy

October  2024

  • Kick Start Young Hero Program in Italy
  • Kick Start Ladies Leadership Program in Zimbabwe

November  2024

  • Personal Excellence Bootcamp in Italy

December  2024

  • Personal Excellence Bootcamp in South – Korea
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