100% Amsterdam

"If we want to change the fruits, we have to change the roots"


A TOPLEVEL Reset Program for frontrunners, leaders, administrators, policymakers and professionals with courage, guts, vision and passion for the development of people and organizations and social and societal innovation.


The accelerated realization of a vital, high-quality, inclusive and excellently functioning organizational culture where the well-being, vitality and health of people are central. As the basis for a vital, sustainable and inclusive society and a clean, liveable and future-proof planet.


Based on the 5 pillars of Personal Excellence, we solve resistances and challenges on the side of the cause. Based on Flow, Serendipity and win-win for everyone. We work with universal values, laws and energy frequencies and train based on images, quotes, objects and crucial insights from PE.


Development of HF leadership takes a minimum of 12 months. During this time we realize the paradigm reset from unconscious and fear-driven thinking (LF) to values-driven collaboration (HF) and we anchor universal core values ​​in attitude, behavior, mindset, decision-making, policymaking, culture, DNA, foundation and quality of collaboration, communicate, control and lead


Love is the lubricant of any organization. Without love, all wheels get stuck. Where love is lacking, space is created for dissatisfaction, stress, work pressure, hierarchy, mistrust, division, island formation, pigeonholing and bureaucracy. The reset from suffering to suffering guarantees work-life balance (inner peace and space) and an unprecedented saving (75%) of time, money and energy.


Optimal use of talent, potential and self-healing abilities (Human Capital) leads to a balance between work and private life (inner peace and space), serving and values-driven leadership and an unprecedented saving of time, money and energy. Personal Excellence as the basis for Business Excellence and Excellent Governance.


The organization is based on a collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam. Are you interested? Contact us. Esther Kooijman is the program manager of the 100% Amsterdam program.


This RESET program is Life-changing and Mind-Blowing and starts outside the familiar box.

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