Mindset Masters


A train the trainer’s program for intrinsically motivated and socially involved trainers, coaches and project leaders with a passion for the development of people, teams and organizations based on sustainable resetting.


We train you to become a Meta vision trainer. Knowledge and insight into the basic principles of applied metaphysics (working with universal laws, values ​​and energy frequencies) is the basis for realizing Personal Excellence. Being conscious in the here and now is the basis for the accelerated realization of vital, high-quality and excellently functioning organizational cultures where the well-being and health of people are central and Human Capital is optimally utilized. Starting point for a vital, sustainable and inclusive society, a clean, liveable and future-proof planet and the realization of sustainable behavioral change.


We train you based on images, quotes, objects and crucial insights and pillars of Personal Excellence.


This ongoing program lasts for a minimum of 12 months. You need this time to train your brain and free yourself from blind spots, limiting beliefs, basic illusions, bears on the road and ballast from the past. You can practice in a safe environment until you master the basic principles and crucial insights of Personal Excellence.


Being aware in the here and now (being present and paying attention) is a condition for reducing everything that has become complicated (noise) to simplicity, unity, essence and logic. Resetting to the level of universal core values, laws and energy frequency is Mind-blowing and Life-changing.


  1. Personal Excellence Training
  2. Business Excellence Training (Business Elegantie)
  3. Excellent Governance Training ​
  4. Training Skills & Values ​​Driven Group Dynamics​
  5. Coaching / intervention / supervision / anchoring of core values ​​/ support


The investment for this RESET program is € 5,000 per person. Excl. VAT and accommodation costs. This amount must be paid before the start of your journey.


Do you want to join? Contact us for an intake interview. During this intake interview, we discuss the learning objectives and internal motivation.

In case of mutual commitment, you will receive the invoice by e-mail. After payment of the invoice, we start with the program.


A Life-changing & Mind Blowing train the trainer’s program that will give you pleasure and benefits for the rest of your life!

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