Serendipity team


Jan Herm Klaren

Jan Herm is a strategist and expert in the field of tender. Right from the beginning he is an ambassador of the Serendipity Project. He believes in the power of creation based on autonomics and excellent leadership.

Sean Minter

Sean lives in Zimbabwe. His mission in life is to regenerate our landscapes and rivers back to health, creating abundance for all life on earth, inspire action for humanity to reconnect with our source where true wealth is depicted by the opportunities and inspirations one leaves for the successes of others.
PHOTO-sean Minter

Esther Kooijman ​

Esther is the trainee program manager of the program 100% AMSTERDAM. Her focus is on growth and development of people in organizations and utilizing Human Capital.  


Marleen Post

Marleen Post born in the Netherlands, is mother of two children and moved to Zimbabwe in 2005. She is an entrepreneur, lives in Victoria Falls and is incredible exited and passionate to create Serendipity Points all over the world. She is facilitating the growing network and organizes the Personal Excellence training programs.

Precious Piri

Precious lives with her small family in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. She is a celebrated international trainer in holistic decision making, regeneration and an entrepreneur. She is growing with her other colleagues in Zimbabwe, creating excitement for Personal Excellence living. Since the beginning of 2022 she is a member of the Serendipity Team.
foto precious

Laurie SIMpson

Laurie uses creativity and regenerative principles to design, experiment, make, learn and teach. She lives with her husband and son and animal family, in a home she built from natural materials. They are part of a community living on the edge of Hwange National Park Zimbabwe and working on co-existence through regeneration. Laurie is excited to be part of the Serendipity team and to bring awareness in the world.

Sophia Klein

Sophia, mother of three, adventurer and social entrepreneur, has lived and traveled to many corners of the world. Continually inspired and energized by our connection to nature and our intrinsic relationship to each other, she is excited to grow and share her passion of celebrating and bringing to life Personal Excellence in those around her. She lives in Cape town, South Africa.
Mark en Violet

Mark Thijssen

Mark is Dutch and has recently moved to Zimbabwe, married to the love of his life, Violet. He loves nature, animals (birds specifically), insects, culture and much more. Mark is happy to be a part of the Serendipity Project and go in with an open mind and open heart. Curious to find out who he is and what is his work. Learning how to stay in the eye of the storm, leave frustration out and to always work towards a win-win.

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