Personal Excellence

"Be the change you want to see in the world!"


A LIFE-CHANGING & MIND-BLOWING workshop/year program on the art of High-Frequency Living. For socially committed go-getters and frontrunners with courage, guts and passion for social innovation. For leaders, administrators, managers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and professionals from all sectors of society.


The accelerated realization of a vital, sustainable, high-quality and inclusive society where people think in a box and transcend division, connection, trust, responsibility (Personal & Global Accountability), vitality and safety as a starting point and anchor universal core values ​​in attitude, behavior, mindset, culture, DNA and strategy. As a result, violence, bureaucracy, hierarchy, blurring of values ​​and social unrest are a thing of the past.


Based on the 5 pillars of Personal Excellence, we solve challenges on the side of the cause.


The workshop lasts 1 day and is a condition for participation in the annual program of 12 months. You need this time to train your brain, to realize Personal Excellence and to anchor the reset from unconscious and fear-driven thinking (LF) to values-driven living and working together (HF) in attitude, behavior, Mindset and DNA.


Everything is possible. Nothing is as it seems. Everything is already there. Being aware of the here and now is the key to HF leadership, an HF society and an HF life based on flow, Serendipity and synchronicity. Love is the lubricant for happiness, freedom, vitality and health. Without love, all wheels get stuck and stress, work pressure, mistrust and bureaucracy arise.
What’s in it for you? Curious about the basic principles and crucial insights of servant, inspiring and high-frequency leadership? Curious about the code, the solution for lasting behavioral change? Interested in the fastest, smartest, effortless and efficient way to embed universal core values ​​in attitude, behavior, mindset, policymaking, decision-making and quality of collaboration? Do you want to solve societal challenges on the side of the cause?


Do you want to participate in a workshop? Sign up on the website. Confirm your participation by email with name and address details and internal motivation. After a short intake, you will receive the invoice by e-mail and after payment of the invoice, you can participate. After this workshop, you can register for the RESET annual program of 12 months. In a group dynamic setting you realize the art of HF living. Do you have any questions: call Pauline on 06 25063584 or mail to paulinesibbel@gmail.com


The investment for the workshop is € 272.50. Including VAT, coffee, tea and lunch.

The investment for the annual program is € 2000,- excl. VAT and accommodation costs



You will enjoy and benefit from this program for the rest of your life.
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