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The Serendipity Project is a strategic, holistic, global and integral Master Plan for the accelerated realization of a vital, high-quality and excellently functioning society and a clean, sustainable and future-proof planet. It is vital that we solve personal and societal challenges on the cause side. Based on awareness, flow, serendipity and win – win for everyone. In a way that gives everyone inspiration. The purpose of the Serendipity Project is to accelerated realization of Serendipity Points worldwide. In every province of the Netherlands. In every country within and without Europe. In every country within Africa. In every continent.

What is a Serendipity Point?

A vital, autonomously functioning and fully self-sufficient community where approximately 3000 people live together, work together, live together and enjoy together on the basis of connection, trust, responsibility, freedom and vitality. All Serendipity Points worldwide are connected to each other as bright spots, making people feel right at home anywhere in the world.

Why the Serendipity Project?

We live as global citizens and stewards together on this brilliant blue planet. Together we have task, assignment, responsibility, challenge and priority to make Mother Earth clean, vital, sustainable and future-proof immediately. To pass it on in top form to all future generations. It requires a clear Next Generation Mindset based on Personal & Global Accountability.

What drives us?

It is essential that we bring together leadership, entrepreneurship and global citizenship. So that they function autonomously, are self-reliant, create their own future and realize an inspiring future perspective for the community. For themselves, their children, their grandchildren and for all future generations. In every Serendipity Point, Mindset, autonomy, self-reliance, Personal Excellence and Personal, Corporate and Global Accountability are central.

What makes the Serendipity Project so inspiring, unique and special?

  • The mix of Mindset/Meta-vision e training, Permaculture and building with natural materials
  • We realize the project based on Personal Excellence, flow, serendipity and win – win for everyone
  • We work integrally and across industry with partners who consider the welfare, health and future prospects of people and animals more important than self-interests, revenue models and personal gain
  • We are aware of the self-fulfilling prophecy with a focus on people’s well-being, mental emotional and health and vitality
  • We connect intrinsically motivated leaders, administrators, politicians and professionals 


– Designed by Huub van Laarhoven & Max van Huut

How do we make wishes a reality?
The actual realization is the result of working on the basis of an ideal scenario and a dynamic ROADMAP until 2026. This Master Plan describes actions and makes the progress concrete.

If we want to change the fruits, we have to change the roots! 

What societal challenges do we solve with the Serendipity Project?

  • We deal with hunger, loneliness, poverty, inequality and unequal power relations
  • We proactively contribute to accelerating the sustainability of the planet
  • We contribute to the construction of food forests and the repurposing of agricultural land (KISS the Ground on Netflix)
  • We contribute to the restoration of biodiversity and the achievement of climate objective
  • We offer accommodation to large groups of people
  • We reset youth care to youth support (solving youth care crisis) and involve young people in this project
  • We realize natural, appropriate and values-driven education that seamlessly matches the wishes, needs and experiences of young people
  • We are subservient to ourselves, each other, nature and Mother Earth
  • We realize an ecological value economy where well-being and health are more important than profit, economic growth, self-interests, greed and business models

How do we tackle this?
We train curious people in the basic principles, crucial insights and pillars of Personal Excellence. As a basis for Excellent Leadership, Excellent Governance and Business Elegance. Personal Excellence Training activates talent, potential and self-healing abilities and makes people aware of who they are and how much potential they have at their disposal. Consciousness based on self-love, self-knowledge and self-reflection is the key to a healthy society and a future-proof planet.

Why is it so important that we train people in advance?
Accelerating the expansion of consciousness is the result of a radical reset in looking, thinking and doing. You will discover the key to solving personal and societal challenges. On the cause side. On the basis of a clear, unambiguous and moral compass as a guideline, Based on flow, serendipity, win – win for everyone. In a way that gives everyone inspiration, energy and wings.

What do we need for the realization of this project?

  • Land, resources and frontrunners with vision and the Next-Generation Mindset
  • Leaders and administrators who have made the quantum leap in consciousness and think in possibilities
  • A radical reset in looking, doing and quality of collaboration, communication, leading, governing and doing politics
  • The desire and desire to rectify what has grown crooked and restore what we have destroyed

What makes this project so different from any other project?
We start outside the well-known box. In the quantum field of possibilities you see the solution, you get answers to life’s questions and you experience the connection between cause and effect. Here you will discover how we make wishes a reality. How we reduce everything that has become complex and complicated to simplicity, essence and practical logic. Connecting social, ecological, economic and technological innovation is essential.

What does it mean to join the Serendipity Project?

  • Getting to the point and goal – result and solution-oriented action
  • Enabling what seems impossible (seeing that nothing is as it seems and everything is possible)
  • Straighten what has grown crooked and continue where others drop out
  • Resetting the radical reset of fear/money/ego driven thinking to values driven collaboration in attitude, behavior and Mindset
  • Structurally anchoring universal core values such as respect, honesty, equality and unconditional love in conscious BEING
  • Stop making excuses, excuses, diversions and procrastination
  • Dealing with waste, pollution, destruction of nature and desertification of the earth
  • Show colour, leave the beaten track and break through ingrained patterns
  • Combining decisiveness, resilience, innovative power, creative power and imagination Continue until we have reached our goal.

What is the result of Personal Excellence training?

  • You become aware of your talent, unlimited potential and self-healing abilities
  • You experience inner peace and space
  • You regain control of your life with respect to time, energy, leadership and mastery over your red-button policy

What are your USP’S?

  • We take 100% connection, trust, responsibility, vitality and freedom as a starting point and not as a goal
  • We use 100% mentality, quality, integrity and flexibility as the standard
  • We only train eager people who are genuinely curious and fit our ideal participation profile
  • We connect science, politics, business administration, religion, psychology, philosophy and Eastern wisdom
  • We transcend division, compartmentalization and struggle for equality

Why do you work with an ideal participation profile?

Convincing people is pointless and eats energy. I prefer to use this energy to train curious and inquisitive people.

What does Personal Excellence mean?
Excelling as a person and professional. This starts with balance. Balance is the result of awareness of the workings of universal values, laws and energy frequencies. In the quantum field of possibilities you see the underlying connection between action and reaction. Between cause and effect. Between Mindset and result. Here you see that peace, freedom and connection always start with yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world.

What is the magic of Personal Excellence training?
This quantum-approach accelerates consciousness and makes you aware of the action reaction: of cause and effect. You recognize the connection between Personal Excellence, Excellent Leadership, Excellent Governance and Business Elegance. Structurally and consistently anchoring universal core values in attitude, behaviour, mindset, policy making, decision-making and quality of cooperation. 

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